Sherri Kane either stone cold stupid or a lying, discrediting, shill; a confusion artist.


{AllA Erawa Viacad: You suck Sherri.}


Sherri Kane(The last time I linked correctly she changed the link without a 2 minutes to setup redirect link just so it looked like I made everything up, if she changes the link again just Google(Google is the best search engine for whistle-blowers): free world alliance Sherri Kane:

"""""Background on Anthony Hilder [according to Sherri Kane]

Now Ted Gunderson, along with his long time crony, Anthony Hilder, has produced a chemtrail awareness campaign and film, which Hilder brought to my attention at the Conscious Life Expo, and prompted my actions to protect Dr. Horowitz and the public from being deceived.

Over the years, as a veteran "war correspondent" for the CIA, Anthony Hilder, has been a leading film producer operating in the "conspiracy theory" community.

{AllA: Ok good job Shill just put quotes around everything so we can be waving our fingers around when theory entails them}

His market for counter-intelligence is mainly poor White American men, easily persuaded and indoctrinated.

{AllA: Though considered by my faction to be just the smartest and open minded in the lower class areas.}

Hilder's more than two dozen "documentaries" have the look and feel of low grade "schlock art"--rip offs or copies of original works--spinning legitimate urgencies and professionals' presentations into sensationalized, poor-quality, generally-perceived "crap."

{AllA: Why don't you try citing a single example so we can use these things called reasoning and analysis.}

Hilder and Gunderson have launched an expensive, well-organized, high-maintenance, sophisticated chemtrail-related campaign and website called title that discredits the effort for a large percentage of people, especially leaders in civic and political arenas--leaving me to wonder who is funding this and why? The chemtrail threat has been widely publicized in alternative communities for years, so Gunderson and Hilder have nothing new to add. More than remedying the urgency, they are discrediting it.

{AllA: Hilder just needs to focus on the shit going down the drain which does all the damage and not dustings used to upgrade organisms everywhere with the ADISS Virus.}

Hilder's works are routinely discredited by fellow agents, such as Morton Devonshire. Devonshire is one of the CIA's many editors in Wikipedia, which is The Company's own propaganda mill.

{AllA: BULLSHIT Wikipedia doesn't even list a single theory from me, read on.}

In other words, it's the same COINTELPRO scam of controlled-opposition demonstrated by Gunderson and Aquino concerning the Church of Satan's links to missing children. With AirCrap, however, Gunderson and Hilder suddenly morph into chemtrail experts as the crisis gains national attention. With Wikipedia's Devonshire, the critic and the criticized are working for the same Company.

As a film-maker producing very low budget, poor quality films in tabloid packages, Hilder appeals to the simplest minds subject to divisive cons, blaming their failures, and the Illuminati's fortunes, on Jews, Blacks, Muslims, Jesuits, Catholics, Freemasons, and "Reptilians" all working for the Illuminati.

Hilder, who has interviewed Gunderson, Jones, and Horowitz on many occasions, lectures on his informants' topics. He is supported by the shady and shoddy "Free World Alliance." Hilder's company is called "Free World Film Works." The Alliance's web domain (See: declares it a "biz"--a title conflicting with its supposed non-profit educational humanitarian service.

{AllA: For 1 I came up with the name Free World Alliance ENTIRLY on my own when I was asked the question what is the best name for a edemocratic political umbrella organization. Anthony J. Hilder does not control my website at all and now you better change your bullshit shill story Sherri bitch. I want to make Anthony the Minister of the Lower Class at E-Democracy control-f "Council of 31" defiantly not somebody above me and what he thinks of me I leave up to him hopefully at an interview where I propose a few what-ifs about whether or not we are going to play progenitor alien/space conqueror with the ADISS virus which only works with something I figured out called Carbon Nanotubular Capacitive DNA nothing else could survive the flame of the Jet engine.}

The website covers a range of topics, from alien and UFO encounters, and New Age Kabalistic propaganda, to free energy devices graphed to look like something out of a psychopath's mind. The Alliance's director, [AllA Viacad], purposely rants moronically against Freemasonry and the Illuminati, in a successful effort to discredit himself, Hilder, and anyone else he cites as credible.

{AllA: Crap, lies, and more crap.}

Here is a sample of his illiterate moronic prose:
"We all experience Malkuth no matter what but to experience it totally is to be aware of one's own existence philosophically ie "I think therefore I am" followed by "HOLY SHIT I AM IN AN ANIMAL BODY. I am trapped in this universe thing, more specifically this planet." Often what a first hardcore psychedelic trip produces(at least that is what my first DMT trip caused me to think).

{AllA: Do a fucking drug experiment like the revolutionary rulers or ahem "Monarchs" do for once in your life or at least think about it philosophically in some way.}

Get the picture? The opposition to genocide, destroys its own credibility.

{AllA: WTF is that supposed to mean? Is genocide good Sherri cause that is the only way "The opposition to genocide, [would] destroy [my website's] own credibility."}

This is classic controlled-opposition. The Company's COINTELPRO operatives discredit themselves, just as Hilder and his sponsors are doing. This way, only idiots take them seriously. Simultaneously, they engage and discredit legitimate topics, "dissident" leaders, activist groups, urgent messages, and fail to lead effective actions like that accomplished in Egypt recently by one citizen with a computer."""""

{AllA: Finnnallly an example but how does anybody know if that one citizen wasn't me a year after declaring that all of the West and East would worship AllA, and that the media in the West just didn't lie about it and that everybody in Arabia just does not want to be poisoned by the West.}


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