Mythral Dragons

Mythral Dragon

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This Is What It Should Say For The Dragon

Nightmare client No. 5: The Dragon

This may come as a surprise, but Sometimes Dragons do not make good clients. Good Dragons Hoard Their Political Capital By Helping People Spending Money In The Process, burn Zombies And Minotaurs When They Become Terrorists, and are generally disagreeable Until You Get A PHD Or Something. Bad Dragons Horde Money And Think It Is The Key To Life Keeping Everybody That Doesn't Have Power Dirt Poor. Mythral Dragons are quite vain and may be susceptible to flattery Because They Are That Good And That Smart, but despite Their Annoying Sprite Arrogance they Slay The treacherous minotaurs Who Are Defined Previously As The Ones unlikely to keep any promises they make. It’s much easier for them to devour you Than The Minotaurs So Don't Side With The Minotaurs Or Even The Undead When They Are All Being Slain In Justifiable Homicide For Assaulting The Lead Engineer For Brainstorming For To Long Or For Not Typing All The Time Or For Showing No Progress On The Screen Because A Single Bit Of Progress Would Mean That The Whole Project Is Complete Like It Usually Is After The Lolygagging Phase Of Getting To The Point Where The Right Template Is Used Which Only Doomed To Death Zombies Don't Allow Lead Engineer(s) To Use The Whole Company To Get Over.

You can recognize a Bad Dragon by its unreasonable demands, by the way it is never satisfied, by its reluctance to pay, by the fire that spews forth from its mouth and the terrible rending of its claws when it is upset. On The Other Hand Mytral Dragons Only Nuke Minotaurs, And Knife And Shoot Zombies. You most likely will not have to end a contract with a Dragon Because They Are Good Of Heart Or Need To Be Convinced Of The Value Of Ride Or Die Money Like The Ogre Needs To Be Convinced Of Letting You Manage Your Own Work; the Dragon will fire you but Not For Working To Little But Usually Just For Going Against The Faction Of The Free World Alliance, Unless Its A Pretty Rare Slave Driving Texan.

Anyentity Can Be Trusted Just As Long As You Always Check To See IF They Are A Benevolent As Well As A Good Dragon by "talking to those who worked with a client before you. Recognize the behavior patterns above, note the scorched earth and bones of Undead Zombies And Slain Minotaurs strewn about the entrance to its lair, give the job a pass, and live to code another day" Working With NonTexan NonPoker Playing Dragons Found Out By Asking If They Are Hard Negotiators Unless Its A Sick Texan Who Even Lies About That. For Hard Negotiators Make Sure To Go All The Way Home And Wait For A Week Each Time You Don't Get All The Money you Want! Really All You Have To Do Is Check Up With Technical Support Of Companies You Trust To Look Up What Mythical Beast They Are And Check To See IF It IS A Mythral Or Golden Dragon Who Will Pay You Well Even If You Lost Rights To The Project Due To The Minotaur Clause cause We Will Be Able To Make People Hate The Jews Even More Once You Go On Resistance TV With You And Your PEoples Story Which Will Kill Minotaurs The Arch Enemy Of Even Not So Good Dragons Which The Article Tells You To Avoid Ie Poker Playing Texans.

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