The Game of the Millennia

AllA Erawa Viacad VS. Leith Taima

Rebel Alliance SymbolSymbol for the New World Order, Tetragrammaton, Imperial E-Democracy

Basically Fuad Taima was an extremely wealthy man who lived a humble life in McLean, Northern Virginia, just inside the Washington DC beltway, where I lived. This story is about the nuclear negotiations we had one fateful night back in the Spring of 1999 just a matter of days before he and his wife Dot were assassinated by an unnamed gunman. Reportedly Leith’s body was found also. Leith was around 16 at the time; I was exactly 14. He was my brother’s best friend at the time while he was my third best friend since early elementary school.

It all started with a Warcraft 2 Game played on April 1st 1999, my 14th birthday, between Leith and I. One of my best friends since kindergarten, Ben, told me that I was going to play a Warcraft 2 game for the world. Whoever won this Warcraft 2 game was supposedly going to rule the world, and the loser would be an eternal slave to the winner. Needless to say it made me extremely nervous and very focused on winning. If you don't want to read about the game and want to read about the nuclear negotiation process go here: Peace De La Nanorenaissance

Fuad insisted on Leith hacking his resources every game that didn't count so that I would be demoralized so Ben would be able to tell me my original inspiration at every encounter of the original less hacked games as a compromise. Fuad believed I wouldn't see my original inspiration as the key to victory like the demoralized Arabs consensus, Leith not included, didn't see too it too strike forward in the Persian Gulf War and Israeli War rather than retreating like they struck forward in the time of Muhammad.

A couple weeks earlier while Ben and I were playing Counter Strike and he was in the Dust map wielding the really expensive machine gun. There were at least 24 players on the map and the terrorists were all rushing though the dark place at the top. I told Ben to hold his position to wait for an ambush but he rashly ran straight in and plowed thought the top killing at least 8 terrorists, while the rest of the Counter Terrorists finished the job. He survived till the next round where he quickly died.

Ben told me that he was god like the time he plowed though those men in CS and that he was receiving messages from Zion. He reminded me of the infamous Counter Strike incident and told me that he saw the map without any fog of war. In exchange I had to play as the inferior race, humans, while my opponent was Orcs and would thus wield bloodlusted ogres. In Warcraft 2 bloodlust was a temporary spell cast by an ogre on a single unit that would triple their attack damage. I asked him if he saw though the black and he reassured me that he saw that as well. I would be commanded as if I saw the entire map in exchange for going up against a superior fighting force.

The map was Garden of War I started top middle, Leith bottom right. The game started out with the usual build order, but Ben told me to build extra footmen because Leith was planning a grunt rush. So I built extra footmen. Sure enough Leith grunt rushed me, but since I was prepared and it took Leith a long time to send his grunts across the map, I had enough reinforcements by the time Leith’s forces arrived to defeat all his men with a few footmen to spare, Leith retreated with a few of his remaining grunts. I colonized a mine to my left.

Soon after Ben ordered me to attack Leith's colony, which I did. Ben ordered me to attack his great hall despite the men attacking men, I complained, then Ben screamed at me, finally I ordered my men to attack only the Great Hall until it was destroyed. Some of my men survived to kill a few of Leith's men.

Ben told me to upgrade to knights, build archers, and expand to another goldmine at my left. Ben told me to build a shitload of archers. Throughout all of this Leith kept a few singular troll ax thrower scouts on some of the pathways as sentinels to detect if I was attacking or not. Ben ordered me to send a couple knights in a timely manner so that the knights would synchronously kill his ax throwers. I was still hesitant about Ben’s omniscience because generally Ben was not quite as good as me at computer games but I complied anyways. This confirmed Ben’s vision of the whole map. After that Leith no longer kept any sentinels around disabling his ability to prepare to counter any of my attacks. Ben told me that Leith was about to get the bloodlust enabling upgrade so I had to get the +3 archer attack damage upgrade.

Leith had scouted my colony. Ben told me to send my men to a location in between my main base and my colony. Sure enough Leith sent men to attack my colony. Ben informed me to send my men to the colony because Leith was attacking there. Leith attacked with a force of blood lusted ogres. All my knights died, but because of the almost completely upgraded archers supporting them, only some of my archers died in the attack. He retreated with only a few ogres.

Ben told me that Leith was taking the center of the map, which had 3 goldmines in it whereas all other locations on the map had only 1 goldmine. In response Ben ordered me to take another goldmine to my left so that I would have 4 goldmines, while Leith had 2 goldmines including his main base and 3 in the center. Again my army awaited the attack in a position that could protect all 4 of my mines.

There was a long time when no attacks commenced. I upgraded and built a bunch of paladins and archers, a handful of catapults, 3 mages with slow and blizzard casting upgrades and 4 gryphon riders. Paladins are magically upgraded knights so the two terms are interchangeable. Ben told me to direct my 4 griffin riders around the edge of the map in position to attack Leith’s 1st colony, which he rebuilt from my previous attack. Ben told me it was time to use the gryphon riders to divert his ax throwers then attack with everything I had to the center. I said “NO WAY!! He’s got bloodlust!”

Ben informed me that Leith was building up 5 mines and that I had only 4.

“Why don’t I just build another gold mine then?” I asked.

Ben said “Because you will not be able to defend it, you don’t have the response time with your army.

“Will I really win this battle if I attack now?” I asked.


“Alright, alright I will send all my men forward.” I said.

There were 5 towers placed sporadically through out the gold mines at the center. My men reached the first 2 towers and brought them down before the horde of Bloodlusted Ogres reached my paladins.

Slow the Ogres down!” Ben ordered. I cast the spell once before-

“Deathknight, Exorcize.” Ben commanded. I immediately used one of my paladins to kill the only deathknight Leith sent but not after he cast death and decay over my archers once.

“I should move my archers?” I asked.

“No they will be fine he only cast it once. Slow!” I went back to using 2 of my mages to slow the ogres down.

“Now Blizzard the ogres.” Said Ben. Blizzard like death and decay kills everything over time within a certain square, which is cast over and over again to make it more effective.


You will kill them both NOW or you will lose this battle!! Look the haste is wearing away.” said Ben pointing to the slow icon as it disappeared from the ogre I first cast slow upon. I used my last mage to spend all of his mana blizzarding the mostly slowed mostly bloodlusted ogres.

I am doing it because right now you are GOD Ben!” I announced. Almost all of my paladins died. Not all of the ogres died. I lost 1/2 of my archers, and all but 1 of my mages. I sent my catapults forward along with my archers and we devastated everything in the center including the 3 Orc great halls there, 1 for each gold mine. He was able to evacuate most of his peons. I sent paladins into the center as reinforcements.

I began healing my men while producing more paladins, archers, and mages. Leith’s counter attack at my forces in the center was brutal. Ben ordered me to retreat all my men. I only retreated my paladins sacrificing all of my other men to his bloodlusted ogres.

After winning the victory at the center Leith’s gold production was virtually paralyzed so I was able to build a swarm of men. Ben told me it was time to attack his main base. I completely raped Leith’s forces there. Ben ordered me to take out his fortress then his ogre mound so that I disabled his ogre mage production.

Leith sent men to attack my external most colony with his remaining ogres. Despite Ben’s orders I sent all of my attacking paladins to stem the attack. Once the attack was quelled it was all downhill from there, just the systematic destruction of all his remaining colonies then the buildings then the men while I colonized another goldmine despite Ben’s wishes.

Basically good strategies, upgrades, tactics, and the fact that Leith slightly overextended himself in trying to grab too many mines too quickly won the war. It was a good fight and a satisfying victory.

The game is an analogy for the current world geopolitical/military scenario. The total vision my command center had over the map represents Western battlefield awareness due to satellite and aerial reconnaissance. That I was ordered by a command center that gave me mission critical intel represents the advanced command and control hierarchy at work in directing missions in the field. Leith’s scouts represent sentinels using nothing more than radios and cell phones. Leith was on his own in the mission showing that insurgency operations are commanded primarily in cellular fashion where each battle group operates relatively independently concealing the identity of higher leadership. The bloodlusted ogre magi represent the Islamic zealots whose strength derives from their willingness to throw their life away in combat. The paladins are capable of healing themselves showing Western resolve to medivac and care for their wounded. Me having lots of archers, a few catapults, and the capacity for blizzarding represents Western capacity for tank fire, artillery barrages, and air strikes. Leith had a few ranged units as well representing the somewhat sparse enemy artillery. The blizzarding of the paladins along with the ogre magi represents the sacrifice of air/artillery bombardment of one's own location necessary when relying on force from afar. The colonization of the 3 central goldmines by the Orcs represents the power play by the Rebel Alliance in trying to monopolize the fabulously rich oil fields of the Middle East. The fact that Leith lost, well you can pretty much figure out what that means.

The story continues: Peace De La Nanorenaissance

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